If you don’t like what you’ve read here, perhaps you’ve been subjected elsewhere to corrupting views, lies and deceit that has hardened your heart against truth, reason, clarity and integrity. Perhaps you’ve adopted a particular worldview that is in conflict with the editorial content here and you don’t like how it makes your feel, or just maybe, your adopted conviction is that all views counter to your own are intolerant, biased, phobic and/or cause you angst or to become unhinged.

Well, you are not alone. There are others who will not like the words here.

What are your choices?

  1. Walk away. The internet is filled with opposing views; in fact, you can easily find hourly, hate mongers shouting stridently in mainstream. They are public opinion shapers who have adopted unhealthy, unsustainable, perverse world views and tolerate only what they now deem “acceptable.” Though a minority, these progressive liberals and special interest agenda activists have taken majority positions in the media industries (newspapers, magazines, films, videos, radio, podcasts and television). They are near ubiquitous, you cannot escape them. enter your favorite search engine and go anywhere else on the web that you like. We are not stopping you.
  2. Continue reading. See if you find that your worldview or strongly held positions have weaknesses than you didn’t consider or if you increasingly begin to question mainstream public opinion mongers (progressive liberals) whose vile words, unbridle hatred and punishing wrath towards those who do not share their views do not sit well with you, then subscribe and see if we supply more insight, better clarity, reasonable views and defend truth in a manner you’d always hoped could be.